14 November 2005

Mississippi Coast Still Seems Forgotten in Rush to Cover New Orleans

People Ask me Why Biloxi?
Well I used to live there 10 & 15 years ago in the USAF.


Just the Biloxi highlights...

Legacy Towers condos survive.
Lighthouse still standing.
Beau Rivage still stands.
Imperial Palace still operational.

Yankie Stadium {pictured} Heavily damaged, under
repair by Salvation Army.
Ryans, Red Lobster, Olive Garden washed away along U.S. 90.
Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge gone.

Bottom floor of the library and the home of Jefferson Davis home, Beauvoir, destroyed.
Sharkshead Souvenir City gone.
Edgewater Village strip shopping center gutted.

Also gone: the steeple of historic Hansboro Presbyterian Church; Waters Edge II apartments; Diamondhead Yacht Club, the old neon McDonald's sign on Pass Road.
Massive damage in east end of city.
Almost total devastation primarily south of the railroad tracks near Lee Street, Point Cadet and Casino Row.

Hard Rock Casino, originally scheduled to open this week, suffered 50 percent damages.
At least five casinos out of commission.
St. Thomas the Apostlic Catholic Church, which sits on U.S. 90, is gone.

of course this leaves out all the houses that are either gone
or completely non-functional.

Biloxi is a seaside town, and evening fog rolls in.
Post-hurricane this is quite spooky, since even though
the power is on, most people have nothing to run,
and so vast foggy & dark areas loom between the street lights at night.

But there are bright sides:

and you've got to admire this one man's sense of humor in it all, his T-shirt said:
"I started out with Nothing, and I've still got most of it left."

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