31 March 2007

Birthday of Mine

The Rebuilder turns 44 today.
Later today my mum will call me,
and remind me for the 43rd time how much
snow was on the ground that fateful day in the 60s.

Picture of Mrs. Rebuilder:

no better present I have.

17 March 2007

Memorial Day

Marion County Ohio
World War II
Veterans Memorial

To Commemorate the Fallen
and Honor those who Served
Lest We Forget

15 March 2007

we usually like fred

Fred on Everything

Tonight on Okrah

I left my blog on auto-pilot for a few days and it generated no content whatsoever. And so my readership dropped in half. from 2 to 1.

Whenever I do get more content on my blog, I'll write more about me, and my activities, and the things I do, and the stuff I own. that will be what people want to read I feel.

04 March 2007

Ann Coulter calls it like she sees It.

Ann Coulter did not call anyone names, per se. She implied a deserving of a moniker, and referenced a current tv show's drama, that's all. Tone back your outrage and laugh a little. please.
" We must show that inflaming prejudice to attack progressive leaders will only backfire. Can you help us raise $100,000 in “Coulter Cash” this week to keep this campaign charging ahead and fight back against the politics of bigotry? "

"Damn, Silky Pony, that kind of cash will buy a LOT of pedicures, full body massages and boxes of chocolate to soothe your bruised, limp-wristed ego.

Heck, you might even be able to get those highlights that you always wanted put in your carefully coiffed mane. (Don’t worry, I already bought “homophobe offsets” from LC Mope, so there’s no need to denounce me just yet. I’m “slur neutral.”) People who routinely refer to Bush as Hilter, Chimp or Dumbya or who routinely refer to Ann Coulter as Mann Coulter are outraged? "

Can the lead scouts see the edge of liberal hypocrisy yet ? (radio silence follows)

HOWARD DEAN, THE favorite to be the next head of the Democratic National Committee, made his case in midtown yesterday, promising to make his party operate more like the GOP - at least when it comes to elections.

"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for, but I admire their discipline and their organization,"... "We can talk about our faith, but we cannot change our faith," he said, echoing themes he sounded in his presidential bid. "We need to be people of conviction."

Actually, I love Ann more every day. I recently heard someone on the Right say that sometimes we need to say some things out loud instead of just thinking them. That’s what Ann does. She effectively tells the Left, “Either you believe in free speech or your don’t!” The fact that people on the Right would freak out about calling an effete sissy like Edwards a name is simply proof that we’ve bought into their schtick.

Go Get'em Ann !

01 March 2007

300th Post

Book of the Month: Amos, and Minor Prophets

Yea! 300 posts, does that mean I get some slur credits, photo opportunities, or book deals?

My Katrina story could make a good movie of the week, I feel.
The Warhammer 40K stories, not so much.