14 February 2009

To My Friend Chuck

See, in life, Turnitsa, different people want different things. Some want large fortunes, some want carnal knowledge of vast number of the opposite, or indeed their own sex, and some want to write down the numbers of all the British rail diesel locomotives currently in service. 

Chacun à son goût. 

Me, my single aim in life is to send the finest, best presented blog postings through this marquee here. That’s it! And if it’s at the cost of a few human lives, well, that’s fine by me.

10 February 2009

That's when it hit me: The kids were calling ME "dread lord"

06 February 2009

Barack Obama - Light Weight

why did people think this college dude could govern?

I gave up on the MISTAKES line, I ran out of time and energy.

Obama is making mistakes faster than even Jimmy Carter on Viagra. Tax Cheats, Alarmism, Double-Speak, meddling with Exec. Pay, not waiting his 5 days, medlling with India, I mean the list is spectacular. He's a Mistake Making Machine ! This is why his "3x5 card resume" matters folks, he can't lead.

Fortunately, if Obama gets to replace Ginsburg, anyone will be centrist compared to her. I think.

05 February 2009

Tax Cheats in DC

So tempting not to pay your taxes.

Rubber Stamp instead...

01 February 2009

Blogging Overdrive

Oh well

I've pretty much been doing nothing worth mentioning, but eh. Today was a loss, not that it matters. Basically nothing seems worth bothering with.

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