28 February 2006

Give us This Day Our Daily Blog

T S A calls while surfing net .

Postman jokes on I R S while at cafe .

JBC at tax office also had done Katrina work,
& knew all the loop holes.

What is all this timing ?

and the title just means I'm thankful to
live in such a rich place that has internet, cafe, plentiful food, etc.

25 February 2006

Live Blogging from Ell's Garage

fullfilling a "new years" resolution, cleaning out the garage.

using the laptop as an MP3 player while cleaning garage.

22 February 2006

Quote of the week...

Here's the set up,
I work in a store that sells anime, the asian cartoons that are such a fad lately. So I see a METRIC TON of japanimation.
And like much regular TV, much of the animated TV is garbage,

Dude: I have to buy loads of batteries for my remote,
because I have to cut off
so much anime..

pic at right: the Egyptoid Show (its afghanimation)

07 February 2006

To Whom Much is Given, Much Shall be Required

“ Praise the LORD, call upon His name;
Declare His deeds among the peoples,
Make mention that His name is exalted.

Sing to the LORD,
For He has done excellent things;
This is known in all the earth."

06 February 2006

The Search

More job Hunt, with help from Miss Vikki,
whose "beginner's luck" enables her
to notice things I the "old veteran" might miss.

from Fox News and the Unalienable Right

A Google spokesman told Times Online: "We cannot tolerate Web sites trying to manipulate search results as we aim to provide users with relevant and objective search results.

"Google may temporarily or permanently ban any site or site authors that engage in tactics designed to distort their rankings or mislead users in order to preserve the accuracy and quality of our search results."

Google has imposed similar sanctions against other companies in the past. Such actions, which severely lower the Internet profile of a site, have become known as "Google death penalties."

In such cases, Google resets its search engine so that when a computer user searches for terms linked to a particular company, they do not return direct links to the company's Web site.

05 February 2006

Indiana Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.

Indiana Council on Problem Gambling, Inc. was awarded a huge grant in November 2005. Funds will be used for expansion of the Council’s website as well as production of ten thousand problem gambling brochures. The Council operates a toll free problem gambling help line and hopes that an expanded website and printing of brochures will make their services more accessible and increase the general public’s awareness of problem gambling in Indiana.

Pictured - - - -- - - - - - -
:right: Executive Director, Indiana Council on Problem Gambling, Inc.;
:left: Hoosier Lottery East Central Region Deputy Regional Manager

in other words, money from gambling went to fight more gambling.

03 February 2006

Tip of the Hat to Trebuchet at Hero Games

It is very agreeable to deceive one's self into the belief that one is performing the whole duty of man by sitting at home in ease, doing nothing wrong, and confining one's participation in politics to conversations and meetings with men who have had the same training and look at things in the same way.” - Theodore Roosevelt, 1896

02 February 2006

Childhood Memories of Lionel Trains

When I was a kid, we played with serious Transformers, not some namby-pamby plastic junk from Asia.

SBC Statistics

Final Activity Report for 2005 Hurricane Response
State Conventions Activated 41
Volunteer Days Contributed 165,748
Meals Prepared 14,556,541
Jobs Completed (cleanup and recovery operations) 16,973
Showers Provided 103,556
Laundry Loads Completed 25,826
Children Cared For 7,817
Ham radio messages sent 3,107
Gallons of Water Purified 21,595

01 February 2006


Wrote up 101 ebay auctions these last 2 days.
thats just so crazy it might work.

Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month Club : the Prophet Isaiah