11 September 2017

The Old Rig ,out  in the riptides
Wherein Resides the Ramblin Rebuilder
Due to  the rise of Twitter and Facebook,
and the general lack of people being interested
in my opinions, this blog mostly just
exists as an historical artifact, from
the vast archizes of the past.

Some find that the only truly interesting
portion of this blog was the Katrina section.
I went to New Orleans and Biloxi Mississippi
five time for disaster relief.
  • Three Kitchen trips to Slidelle,
  • One Cleanout Trip to New Orleans,
  • One Kitchen trip to Biloxi.
That's a total of 7 weeks, including the travel days.
From September 2005 to Jan 2006, off and on.

That time totally rewrote my life, and was an after-effect of
Hurricane Isabel and September 11th.
Now 12 years after Katrina, they called me up again
for Hurricane Irma in Florida.

To see that old story, click here, or on the Katrina label to your left.