14 December 2006

Driving Etiquette IOI

You are part of a collective. If everyone did these unselfish things, traffic would be much better:

1. Don't tailgate. When you tailgate, you have to tap your brakes at the slightest speed change. You tap for a second, the guy behind you taps for two, the guy behind him for four, and so forth. Ripple effect that equals slowdown.

2. Use onramps correctly. ACCELERATE! Get up to a speed that matches overall traffic, then merge seamlessly. Too many people here merge into 60 mph traffic at 40 mph. People hit their brakes, and again you get a ripple effect.

3. Honor the left lane. Move over when not overtaking cars. Yes, we've talked this one to death. Just do it.

4. Pick a lane and try to stick with it. Incessant lane changes for little real gain can cause slowdowns for much the same reason as the onramp example above. Think ahead: Will the lane you're in peter out soon, or turn into an exit-only lane?

5. At stoplights, pay attention. If you're first in line waiting at a light, be sure you're pulled up far enough, as someone here already noted. Then PAY ATTENTION! Watch the light. When it changes, go! Driving is war, and you've got the point -- so stay alert! That goes for everyone in the back of the line too, but we have way too many people at the front who use stoplight time to apply makeup, etc...

6. Step on it. If traffic's going 60 in your lane, why aren't you keeping up with the guy ahead of you? Why do you feel the need to go 57? Again, you're part of a collective out there.

7. Don't go so fast you get pulled over. Because every time someone gets pulled over, it gums up traffic for the rest of us. People rubberneck and irrationally brake (like the trooper's gonna drop you to go after them), and the aforementioned ripple effect ensues.

8. Look way down the road. And the mook just sits there, and people are stuck behind him. It happens at every signal, because the mook didn't READ THE SIGNS. Look ahead. Look far ahead. Look way past that big hulkin' SUV you're behind, if you can. The sooner you see signs and the sooner you see trouble, the sooner you can avoid messing up in a way that affects the rest of us.

9. Live the golden rule. Let people in. Wave when someone lets you in. I wish I had a buck for every time I've signaled to enter a gap in a lane, and the car that's far back in that lane guns it to try to keep me from moving over.

10. Devote yourself to the task. This is covered in many of the points above, but driving is not simply something you do to pass the time while listening to the radio. Driving is the all-consuming task at hand.

So DO it -- briskly, efficiently and competently. So that we can all get out of each other's way.

13 December 2006

This is Totally Not Funny !

So the other day I had my post about being emotionally black mailed by my cat. And so this morning I come out to go to work and there's Thelonia with a 2-inch long gouge in her back fur over her hip. She had licked the wound clean, but it was deep. Apparently some sort of fight had happened. Normally I only feed her on Fridays, but I fed her today because she played the guilt card.

chapter patch in honor of Thelonia

01 December 2006

I just can't blog today. I'm being emotionally black mailed by my cat .

Readings of David and Korath

Book of the Month: First Half of Psalms,
as well as numerous D20 Sci-Fi items.

chapter patch in honor of my wife the scorpio of the family.

27 November 2006

Can a coed e 1 know more about public service than a veteran senator ?

Watch "Star Wars Lego Symphany" on Google Video

Your friend, egyptoid@gmail.com, has sent you the following video from Google Video and included this message:

Star Wars, theme of Darkness

Star Wars Lego Symphany

1 min 2 sec - Mar 5, 2006
Average rating:   (2159 ratings)
Description: Darth Vader Lego Figure leads an orchestra of storm troopers.

Want to see more cool videos?
Go to video.google.com/

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Add it at video.google.com/videouploadform

If you're having trouble watching the video, try copying the following URL into your browser:

25 November 2006

Freedom of the Press Issues

If you only get your daily news from John Stuart's Daily Show,
you might be tempted to believe that truth about radical Islam
should be soft-peddled.

Brick Muppet

At Right, an appropriate Mohammed Cartoon:

Who Appoints Your Police Commissioners ?

(Ninety-Two Year Old Woman Slain in No-Knock Raid)

Dateline: Tomorrow Night:
The police storm in and you -- not being a drug dealer and consequently having no reason to think the police might break into your home -- mistake them for criminal intruders and meet them with a gun, you are at fault. I guess your crime is living in an area where drug dealers could use your porch while you aren't home, or being a too trusting, frail, old woman. ... The solution is actually pretty simple: Stop invading people's homes for nonviolent offenses. and the police should be held strictly liable for mistakes, without benefit of official immunity. And they should be required to
record video of the entire proceedings

23 November 2006

Quoting the Quotable

Giving Thanks for the Freedom of the Press

Think of a politician's soul as an apartment. Think of lobbyists as renters. Each year, the renters show up, waving wads of cash.

The men the American public admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.


19 November 2006

re: Celebrating Democrats

Corrupt politicians make the other ten percent look bad.

Since almost all politicians are morally bankrupt, what are the democrats celebrating, exactly ?

14 November 2006

Put another log on the fire, please, Abdel . . .

Its just Sci-Fi, right ?
... They were small, less than twenty feet long, and only 18 inches in diameter, powered by small, quiet, fuel-efficient, high-bypass turbofans, and painted in a mottled light blue and light gray ghost camouflage. Cruising at 600 knots, just below the speed of sound, they were nearly impossible to see or hear. They came in under the radar until they reached the coast. After that they were lost in the ground clutter. Nobody saw it coming.

At precisely 0753, Hawaii time, 1353 in the District of Columbia, Dec.7th, 2008, sixty-seven years to the minute after the Pearl Harbor attack began, the first of six missiles to hit the Washington area exploded in a huge white burst of nuclear fire just 500 feet above the White House ...
from the main man via Rottweiler

California: Green State Numero Uno

Tell me it isnt so . . .

TV, Filmmaking Industries Are Big Polluters

POSTED: 7:26 am PST November 14, 2006 UPDATED: 10:25 am PST November 14, 2006

Special effects explosions, idling vehicles, teams of workers building monumental sets -- all of it contributes to Hollywood's newly discovered role as an air polluter, a university study has found.
This was so obvious it took a college study to be organized.

Perhaps then the students got F's because you don't point out liberal hypocrisy without paying the price.

13 November 2006

Hey,Man, when are final exams ? Oh yeah....right Dude.

Canada profs win right to smoke pot
POSTED: 10:57 a.m. EST, November

TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) -- The use of medical marijuana has given two Toronto professors the right to something that many students could only dream of -- access to specially ventilated rooms where they can indulge in peace.

Its for medical reasons, it won't affect their ambition, tenure, or like anything like that. man.

12 November 2006

Urban Blight

You too can get into a career in artificial stucco home repair !

10 November 2006

The Joy of Tony Snow

You gotta admire Tony Snow, not giving the liberal drive-by "main-stream" media one inch on their bias, and not letting them slip it in under the rug at the White House.

" If you think Independence Day is America's defining holiday, think again.
Thanksgiving deserves that title, hands-down.

Tony Snow Quote

09 November 2006

Massive Job Fair

We went to the huge (3000 people) job fair at the Scope yesterday.
Call Jeff Foxworthy, we've got a new one for him:
If you've ever worn a tank-top to a job interview,
well you just might be a redneck.
All these other scrubs there just made us look good.

Not that we needed any help:
the Mrs. wore her power suit, and that combined with her sunglasses
makes her look like a DEA agent.

the other funny was that I ran into the hiring manager at the company from a few months ago that had the IT manager position where the candidate also had to have a black belt or be a registered sensei. So I asked him, what was up with that? was it an April Fools day posting? Of course not, he says. It was a serious requirement for a serious job, and I think he took umbrage with me questioning him thusly. Any ways I just let him know that it was way off the beaten path and I had a legit question. He says what they needed was an IT person with drive, and the black belt would mean that the candidate did indeed have drive.

Silly me. I only wasted a moment of his precious time, but I had to know.

My wife's nickname for this activity of mine is smart-apple.

06 November 2006


This is our little friend the voting machine. He will help you! He can't necessarily help you protect what you believe in, but he can probably help you hold back someone who believes in something unworthy.

Moral Authority Card - Albert Gore

"Hello, I'm Al Gore, and I've got something horrible to tell you about your future..."

No matter how many scientists cast doubt on the pronouncements, Global Warming still gets a lot of momentum from the drive-by media. Al Gore keeps talking, and keeps reminding us of things that kill, such as carbon, cigarette smoke, and standing on a platform full of holes.

You can't fight Moral Authority

05 November 2006

Slowly People Learn, but Learn They Do

Here's the deal about Iraq:
The US went into Iraq to protect the US and Iraq. Democritization of the region is just a plus. Being "weak on Iraq" means "weak on America" Despite other corruptions, the Republican government really doesnt use the armed forces except when American safety and interests are at stake. the "Bush lied" mantra doesnt work. The WMDs and nuclear aspirations were found and documented, even by the MSM.

ORSON SCOTT CARD has thoughts on the 2006 and 2008 elections:
I say this as a Democrat, for whom the Republican domination of government threatens many values that I hold to be important to America's role as a light among nations.
But there are no values that matter to me that will not be gravely endangered if we lose this war. And since the Democratic Party seems hellbent on losing it -- and in the most damaging possible way -- I have no choice but to advocate that my party be kept from getting its hands on the reins of national power, until it proves itself once again to be capable of recognizing our core national interests instead of its own temporary partisan advantages.
To all intents and purposes, when the Democratic Party jettisoned Joseph Lieberman over the issue of his support of this war, they kicked me out as well. The party of Harry Truman and Daniel Patrick Moynihan -- the party I joined back in the 1970s -- is dead. Of suicide.

04 November 2006

The Pursuit of Excellence

Nothing really new to report today. I've been looking for a new job (with CDL in hand it should be easy) and Mrs.V has been away on fambly bidness.

Pictured at right is a 101 year old drill press. Recently I restored it for my sweet-heart. It was a frozen rusty pile of rust and spiderwebs. Now its a working well-oiled machine mounted on a nice hardwood display.

02 November 2006

Well Somethings Working Right

Female Islamic Chaplain: She realizes that she is seeking to tread new and sensitive ground in the military chaplaincy. But she said, �I beg and plead for the military to allow me to do this, because I feel there�s such a need.� Diversity Training

see also:


I'm somewhat encouraged.

01 November 2006

Book of the Month Club for November

this month's choice by Mrs.V

will be

the Apocalypse of St.John the Divine


the Book of the Revelations

31 October 2006

1000 Words

sunset on the James River, Va.

25 October 2006

Global Warming

Science Related Memetic Disorder:
Science Related Memetic Disorder (SRMD) is a memetic disease which susceptible persons can both catch and transmit. SRMD appears to be a naturally-occurring memetic disorder which spreads via fringe science books and half-baked online rantings. A susceptible person - usually an engineer or scientist whose theories have been snubbed by his professional peers - who reads one of these rants can catch SRMD. Once a person has been infected with the SRMD meme complex, he or she will begin to constuct a scientific theory and will go to any length to prove it and to show everyone who disregarded his work that his theory is correct. Persons infected with SRMD, who are colloquially called "mad scientists," will often engage in illegal or hazardous actions to further their goals.
for example, someone tells you that
"people and their activities affect the global environment."

if you believe it, you just caught SRMD.

01 October 2006

Books of the month: I . II. III. John


27 September 2006

19 August 2006

total nut-job at a hockey game: yelling at the top of their lungs: COME AND SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM !

18 August 2006

Hard work never hurt anybody , but why take crazy risks ?

15 August 2006

Mark my Ballot for this Measure

The bookstore is not the only place that likes quiet, controlled children — and isn't afraid to say so. Across the nation, there are signs of a low-burning uprising against children supposedly behaving badly in public.

Eateries from California to Massachusetts have posted signs on doors and menus saying “We love children, especially when they are tucked in chairs and well behaved” or “Kids must use indoor voices.” In North Carolina an online petition was started last year to establish child-free restaurants — the petition loosely compared dining with children to dining with cigarette smoke.

14 August 2006

Party Line Politics ?

This makes me so happy. I hope its based on values, but its probably still just some sort of politics I don't grasp.

WASHINGTON - Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut will be able to raise the funds necessary to mount a campaign to keep his Senate seat, both Democratic and Republican donors say.
Lieberman's decision to run as an independent is causing angst within the ranks of Democratic donors, some of whom were unwilling to talk on the record about his campaign because his candidacy has so divided Democrats..

10 August 2006

May Take A Bit Longer To Find a New Job . . .

Lean Sensei / Program Manager

Key Role:

Maintain responsibility for overall program management in building a continuous process improvement program and standardized Lean implementation model for a large multi-functional organization. Work with organizations to re-design non-technical business processes. Manage smaller projects or segments of larger projects. Assist a business development team with writing and presenting proposals for moderately large or complex projects. Work in moderate to heavy contact with mid- and senior-level executives at the client. Apply proven project management skills. Support practice development initiatives and supervise and review the work of junior personnel.

Functional/Industry Knowledge:

-5 years of experience with direct program management directly related to CPI

-Experience as a general manager, plant manager, or an equivalent managerial position, including profit and loss responsibilities in leading a Lean conversion in a large, multi-functional organization

-Experience with commercial and DoD work

-Knowledge of all aspects of CPI tools, including Lean, TOC, Six Sigma, CCPM, DFT, and Quality

-Knowledge of Toyota production system tools with application outside of the automotive industry

-Ability to show examples of successful and sustained Lean implementation, including value stream analysis, Kaizen, formal Lean training and alignment assessments

-Possession of Master Black Belt or Master Sensei status <---

Education/Certifications or equivalent required:

BA or BS degree in a related field required


Applicants selected will be subject to a security investigation and may need to meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.

Integrating the full range of consulting capabilities, Booz Allen is the one firm that helps clients solve their toughest problems, working by their side to help them achieve their missions. Booz Allen is committed to delivering results that endure.

We are proud of our diverse environment, EOE, M/F/D/V.

Actual job description from a Norfolk based firm.
Back when I was active as a Progammer we only had to whip the machines into shape.

the jokes practically write themselves:
  • Q: What do I gotta do to get a job around here !?!??
  • A: Around here, anger is a weapon only to one's opponent.

04 August 2006

Hezbollah is the Arabic word for what . . . ?

Did we forget that Katyusha Rockets have little to no guidance systems and are as likely to hit streets, cars, kids, or fences as they are soldiers? Each launch is a terrorist attack, each launch says "kill jews however". Hezbollah and those who agree with them need maximum spank.

"U.N.'s Malloch Brown Questions Hezbollah's 'Terror' Designation
Thursday, August 03, 2006
By Sharon Kehnemui Liss

WASHINGTON — U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown may want to stick to reforming his own office and stop criticizing member states, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

Malloch Brown was quoted in a British newspaper Wednesday suggesting that he does not think that Hezbollah, the Syrian- and Iranian-backed group currently fighting Israeli Defense Forces, is a terrorist organization.

"It's not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hezbollah employs terrorist tactics; it is an organization, however, whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda," he said, according to a transcript of an interview."

03 August 2006

Job Searcher Down !

ELD: wuhh, uhh Doc, where am I ?

DOC: Jennie Immaculate Hospital

ELD: how did I get here ?

DOC: Ambulance, after the EMTs worked on you for half an hour.

ELD: what happened ?

DOC: We're looking at the MRIs now.

ELD: I was just going to get lunch.

DOC: You didnt make it.

ELD: where's my car ?

DOC: We assume its okay, you were at the Computer Job Lab ? so its no doubt in that parking lot. Okay here's the CAT scans now.

ELD:well ?

DOC: They found you face down in the lab lobby, breathing heavy on your laptop.

ELD: why ?

DOC: Apparently you were overcome with Jargon Poisoning.

ELD: how long do I got, Doc?

DOC: You'll be fine eventually; You just need to clear your system. Avoid all acronyms, jargon, and doublespeak, especially the kind that circulates in cubicle environments.

ELD: but I have to find a job Doc, and I'm a programmer.

DOC: That may very well be true, but if you don't clear out your system you won't live long enough to roll over your 401K, capiche ?

ELD: Thanks Doc.

01 August 2006

August 2006

Book of the Month: Proverbs

Graphic Novel: Dark Knight 1 & 2 by Frank Miller.

22 July 2006


As soon as I cross the border of Tennesee, my allergies kick in.

Miz Vikkie sells her house, I move her belongings, and we move to NNHR.

Forty days till the nuptials, if you're not on the invite list,
sweat not, no-one is really. We're having a ceremony just one click
above a J-o-P procedure.

Celebration of our marriage will be later with friends, on a dinner-by-dinner basis.
No-one is being snubbed.

15 July 2006

Bastille Day

Miz Vikkie visits this week.

We job hunt,
see friends and pastor.

Then we move her stuff to temp.storage.

Red Cross meeting was not an interview as I had assumed.
Still, I search for job . . .

14 July 2006

Core Values

Actions & Decisions have Consequences

This guy hits some good points right on the head.

If there is one trait that defines Liberalism, it is a hatred for consequences. No matter what the circumstance, Liberals are either trying to ignore, avoid, or blame others for the consequences of their own actions. Normally this would not be a problem, everyone should be free to live as goofy a life as they please, even if it happens to entail stumbling about blindly within a fog of their own self-delusions. However, the problem with Liberals is they cannot just be content with screwing up their own lives; they have to screw up the lives of those around them as well.

If a woman runs around and has unprotected sex, Liberals think the child should be killed because it is unfair to make people live with the consequences of their lack of morality. If someone had a bad childhood and has an unnatural hatred for the cherished beliefs of others, Liberals feel we should ostracize Christianity from society so these misfits do not quite so poignantly feel the sting of missing out on Christmas. Illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship so they do not have to deal with the consequences of ignoring immigration law. Disabled loved ones should be euthanized because selfish family members do not want to deal with their care. And, homosexuals should be allowed to marry because they do not want to acknowledge that two beings of the same sex cannot breed.

Reality is the greatest threat to Liberalism, not Conservatives. When reality comes crashing in, and Liberals are forced to see the consequences of their half baked ideas, their first response is to blame someone else for them. Normally, the people who get blamed will be the ones who said their ideas would never work in the first place, but since the Libs hate them, they make a convenient scapegoat. That might sound like an oxymoron, blaming others who said your ideas would not work after they have been proved right and your ideas did not work, but it far easier for Liberals to lash out in overly emotional incoherence than admit they might have ever made a mistake.

So far, the only victims of Liberalism have been our society, culture, children, and way of life in general...

then he goes on to opine about North Korea.
I wish he had talked about topics like Male Teachers in Schools:

In short, girls haven’t come up. They have always done well in school. Boys have gone down. Why?

I can guess. Boys are churning wads of energy. They are physical and competitive. They want to climb things, test themselves, jump off of things, explore, drive fast, fight, behave like damn fools, and sack cities. In later years this energy may serve them well, but not yet. School is hellish for them, with its year after year of sitting, bored out of their skulls, while some drone babbles. It is worse for the bright, verging on child abuse. They hate it. I did.

Girls are more orderly, patient, accept rules with less resistance, and do their homework. They have better handwriting and cut pictures from magazines to paste into projects. They finish assignments on time. In general girls are easier to deal with, certainly for the female teachers who now are almost the only teachers.

Now, 1964 was very different from today. Families were intact. I do not remember a single kid whose parents had been divorced. There was therefore a man in the house. Adolescent boys are wild men. A man can control them. A divorced woman often has a hard time controlling daughters.

There were men in the schools. We had a hard-eyed male principal . . . . Discipline was not harsh. The boys clowned in class and engaged in pranks (I may know somewhat of this), but we knew where the limits were. There were a goodly number of male teachers, which helped us know the limits.

Further, parents would back up the teachers without question. If I had said, “EXPLETIVE YOU” to a teacher, the French Foreign Legion would have been my only choice. Facing my father would have been—how shall I put it?—unproductive.

Boys need someone who can control them until, in a few years, the internal controls are in place. Women can’t do it. Therefore we have police in the schools, and we drug boys into somnolence with amphetamines. Parents, instead of even trying to control their kids, will litigate.

Boys cease to be students and become problems, so teachers don’t like them.

Further, in the schools today we have feminization, feminization, feminization. Instead of treating girls like girls, and boys like boys, all are expected to be girls. It doesn’t work. Boys by their very nature like to roughhouse. They like contact sports. You don’t have to force them to play football. They are competitive. Women don’t understand this, and what they don’t understand, they outlaw. Today estrogenated school after estrogenated school bans dodge ball as too dangerous, outlaws tag (“They get too rough,” meaning too rough for Mrs. Teacher), and insists on “groups games led by a caring adult.”

It is hideous for boys. Everything they are, it isn’t. “Ohhhhh, let’s have a caring non-competitive game….” If he is really bright, with an IQ north of 150, he will decide that his teachers are idiots, which most of them are, and withdraw. There will be a price for this one day.

You want to end the “boy crisis”? Easy. Give boys male teachers who understand boys and care about them. Women do neither. Let them compete. It’s how they are. Encourage them to burn off energy in the gym. Reward achievement, not pretty projects. Turn them into men, not transvestites.

We reap what we sow, whether or not we recognize what "seeds" we cast around.

12 July 2006

Whizz Dumb

Every now and then the sun even shines on canine hind quarters


05 July 2006


Books of the month will include Acts, first of all.

28 June 2006

Not Orange County

Selling Vikki's house.

Reading Ann Coulter, James Hogan, Michelle Malkin.

Looking for new job, have a lead on the Red Cross. Finally!

22 June 2006


He's alive, he wrote me an email.

Seems some clever individual had altered Hogan's wikipedia entry to paint him as a Holocaust Denier. So I questioned the writer, and I wrote Hogan to let him know.

The writer said it was obvious, and didnt have a logical defense of his claim.

Hogan said it didnt matter, since Wikipedia was such a farce.

I looked at the writer's works, and he's a big loser it seems. He writes a lot for Wikipedia, and its liberal garbage, including the defense of Democratic politics in Chicago, the heartland of American citizenship.

so I gave up. I'd love to defend Hogan from the liberal smear-mongers, but I have a real life, I'm getting a job and a wife, and I don't have 8 hours a day for anti- hate-mongering.

17 June 2006


Rebuilder's been reading a bunch lately, James P. Hogan specifically.

Rockets, Redheads and Revolution

Minds, Machines, and Evolution

Chaos, Catastrophe, and Confusion

Kicking the Sacred Cow

These are collections of short sci-fi tales, and include essays on various engineering, political, and scientific topics.

Hogan asks fair questions, and gets unpopular answers. He questions junk science in many realms. Among the topics he reams over are HIV/AIDS, Evolution, Global Warming, Environmentalism, and Astronophysics. When he finds questionable conclusions, he calls them out. When he finds tautologies, assumptions, and shortcuts, he flags them. Its easy to find him in the right because liberals seem to hate him so much.

14 June 2006

Step Five

Mz.Vikkie and the Rebuilder have put her house on the market in TN/GA.
The idea will be to free her up to come to Hampton Roads,
or wherever we both get jobs.

9 weeks till nuptials. Goodness Gracious !

02 June 2006

Traveled US 58 to TN

01 June 2006

FIrst of June

Book of the Month: Joshua

finally my blog gets the recognition it deserves.

26 May 2006

X3 Review

Five out of Five Bricks; no surprise there, since it was my turn to pick the movie.

Hugh Jackman characterizes Wolverine almost perfectly.
Professor Xavier comes off much more stiff in this installment.
For him and Rogue, you could see the Plot Twists coming from a mile away.

Completely unexpected plot twists for Cyclops and Mystique.

Phoenix carried off fine, good CGI to make her face creepy.
But they skipped the bright period. Phoenix was a happy fun heroine for a time.

Shadowcat versus the Juggernaut. Marvelous style of fight.

Highly recommended, EXCELSIOR !

X-Men Three, Last Stand - Movie Review