22 June 2006


He's alive, he wrote me an email.

Seems some clever individual had altered Hogan's wikipedia entry to paint him as a Holocaust Denier. So I questioned the writer, and I wrote Hogan to let him know.

The writer said it was obvious, and didnt have a logical defense of his claim.

Hogan said it didnt matter, since Wikipedia was such a farce.

I looked at the writer's works, and he's a big loser it seems. He writes a lot for Wikipedia, and its liberal garbage, including the defense of Democratic politics in Chicago, the heartland of American citizenship.

so I gave up. I'd love to defend Hogan from the liberal smear-mongers, but I have a real life, I'm getting a job and a wife, and I don't have 8 hours a day for anti- hate-mongering.

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