09 November 2006

Massive Job Fair

We went to the huge (3000 people) job fair at the Scope yesterday.
Call Jeff Foxworthy, we've got a new one for him:
If you've ever worn a tank-top to a job interview,
well you just might be a redneck.
All these other scrubs there just made us look good.

Not that we needed any help:
the Mrs. wore her power suit, and that combined with her sunglasses
makes her look like a DEA agent.

the other funny was that I ran into the hiring manager at the company from a few months ago that had the IT manager position where the candidate also had to have a black belt or be a registered sensei. So I asked him, what was up with that? was it an April Fools day posting? Of course not, he says. It was a serious requirement for a serious job, and I think he took umbrage with me questioning him thusly. Any ways I just let him know that it was way off the beaten path and I had a legit question. He says what they needed was an IT person with drive, and the black belt would mean that the candidate did indeed have drive.

Silly me. I only wasted a moment of his precious time, but I had to know.

My wife's nickname for this activity of mine is smart-apple.

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