28 June 2006

Not Orange County

Selling Vikki's house.

Reading Ann Coulter, James Hogan, Michelle Malkin.

Looking for new job, have a lead on the Red Cross. Finally!

22 June 2006


He's alive, he wrote me an email.

Seems some clever individual had altered Hogan's wikipedia entry to paint him as a Holocaust Denier. So I questioned the writer, and I wrote Hogan to let him know.

The writer said it was obvious, and didnt have a logical defense of his claim.

Hogan said it didnt matter, since Wikipedia was such a farce.

I looked at the writer's works, and he's a big loser it seems. He writes a lot for Wikipedia, and its liberal garbage, including the defense of Democratic politics in Chicago, the heartland of American citizenship.

so I gave up. I'd love to defend Hogan from the liberal smear-mongers, but I have a real life, I'm getting a job and a wife, and I don't have 8 hours a day for anti- hate-mongering.

17 June 2006


Rebuilder's been reading a bunch lately, James P. Hogan specifically.

Rockets, Redheads and Revolution

Minds, Machines, and Evolution

Chaos, Catastrophe, and Confusion

Kicking the Sacred Cow

These are collections of short sci-fi tales, and include essays on various engineering, political, and scientific topics.

Hogan asks fair questions, and gets unpopular answers. He questions junk science in many realms. Among the topics he reams over are HIV/AIDS, Evolution, Global Warming, Environmentalism, and Astronophysics. When he finds questionable conclusions, he calls them out. When he finds tautologies, assumptions, and shortcuts, he flags them. Its easy to find him in the right because liberals seem to hate him so much.

14 June 2006

Step Five

Mz.Vikkie and the Rebuilder have put her house on the market in TN/GA.
The idea will be to free her up to come to Hampton Roads,
or wherever we both get jobs.

9 weeks till nuptials. Goodness Gracious !

02 June 2006

Traveled US 58 to TN

01 June 2006

FIrst of June

Book of the Month: Joshua

finally my blog gets the recognition it deserves.