04 July 2008

People Problems

MANILOSIS (n.): 1. A disease which causes the afflicted person to cite the disagreeing political viewpoints of others, and react to the disagreement by eschewing any juxtaposition between them and himself, perhaps out of the fear that his arguments will be revealed as insubstantial or logically tenuous if challenged.

2. The irrational prognostication that known political disagreements, will everlastingly remain the only matters of discussion, coupled with an equally irrational sensibility that politically-differing individuals cannot be friends.

3. The delusion that showcasing this disease and the suffering from it, is in fact the manifestation of some kind of ethical or philosophical principle.

4. The insistence that political agendas that would, if enacted, by design have profound effects upon the lives of everyone, must be deliberated and refined only in the presence of some.

There is no known cure. There is thought to be some hope for the afflicted, but the patient has to want to change.

I disagree, the cure is consistent winning friendship. Hate and delusion are over come by good deeds and insistence on the positive truth.

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