05 August 2008

Engineeringly Ept

Are you an Engineer ?
how well did you do on this pop quiz ?

1: What does a camshaft do?

2: What is a vertical flyback interval?

3: What role does expansion play in refrigeration?

4: What does an address bus do?

5: Timed delay of arrival is the basis of what common technological service?

6: What is the role of a CCD in a digital camera?

7: Name any spacecraft now in orbit around anything.

8: What does TCP/IP stand for?

9: What is the purpose of a torque wrench?

10: name any two active elements (from the periodic table) used in the workings of the plasma TV?

Egyptoid got extra credit on 7
and E. knew 1,3,6,8,9
but E. guessed 4,5
E. unknown on 2,10

the Rebuilder got 2 of them, maybe 3 of them wrong.

1 comment:

Egyptoid said...

stolen from FRED on EVERYTHING