10 October 2008

Sarah Palin

Why they Hate Sarah Palin:

Average Woman, or Sarah Palin
AW: tried career first
SP: had the kids first

AW: tried several men out
SP: took the high school sweet heart

AW: busted a marriage or two
SP: stuck with it

AW: lost self in an unfulfilling career
SP: got into career later in life, after home was established

AW: found that home was hard to make during career/economic woes
SP: had a solid base at home from which to launch into career later

AW: probably aborted a baby
SP: had them all

AW: wonders why their kids hate day care
SP: seems to balance family time well.

AW: looked in the mirror five years into career, disbelieving she was still stuck there.
SP: didn't have much time to look in the mirror

AW: rejected the divine
SP: realized there was more to life than what you see here

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