15 December 2008

Deposition on Barak Hussein Obama

Q. Mr. Egyptoid, you know Mr. Hussein Obama well; do you not?

A. I have known Mr. Hussein Obama for a long time. I first got closely asso-ciated with him in the summer of 1999 in connection with some alleged community work. Later in Illinois and after Illinois I knew him. I met him frequently, but I was not particularly closely associated with him, and I did not discuss with him very frequently or in very great detail matters outside of business matters.

Q. To simplify the issues here, perhaps, let me ask you this question: Is it your intention in anything that you are about to testify to, to suggest that Mr. Hussein Obama is disloyal to the United States?

A. I do not want to suggest anything of the kind. I know Hussein Obama as an intellectually most alert and very complicated person, and I think it would be presumptuous and wrong on my part if I would try in any way to analyze his motives. But I have always assumed, and I now assume that he is loyal to the United States. I believe this, and I shall believe it until I see very conclusive proof to the opposite.

Q. Now, a question which is the corollary of that. Do you or do you not believe that Mr. Hussein Obama is a security risk?

A. In a great number of cases I have seen Mr. Hussein Obama act - I under-stood that Mr. Hussein Obama acted in a way which for me was exceedingly hard to understand. I thoroughly disagreed with him in numerous issues and his actions frankly appeared to me confused and complicated. To this extent I feel that I would like to see the vital interests of this country in hands which I understand better, and therefore trust more.

In this very limited sense I would like to express a feeling that I would feel personally more secure if public matters would rest in other hands.

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