12 May 2009

Tubular Update One

thanks for joining us folks. 
Can you believe its been a month since the "raffle" started on the Tubular Delineators near the Newport News Wal-Mart !

Some of them are damaged, but none are fallen yet. Methinks they've installed some quality plastic tubes there. Who would have accused VDOT of doing a good job?

To be clear on the "rules" of this little sweepstakes: to win, one or more posts must be wrenched out of their little holes. It doesnt have to be completely uprooted, but it does have to be crushed or torn in such a way that it lays down, leans over more than a 50° angle, but completely uprooted is a definite plus.

If you personally drive over the tubes, or have them driven over, Yes, that's an allowable method for you to win the bet. But is my measly prize worth all the body repair time or possible legal hassles? I think not.

Stay tuned, and be on the lookout for Tubular Delineators.

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