05 July 2009

Voting in 2010 - Where do your Reps Stand?

What is your personal Platform ?
Homosexuality ? Atheism ? Socialism ? Abortion ? Feminism ? Pacifism ?
Disarmament ? Racism ? Leniency ? Compromise ? Greenness ?

Do you agree with Disempowering basic Families via Promotion of Homosexuality ?

Do you agree with Decreasing Independent Living via Promotion of a Welfare State ?

Do you agree with Promoting Atheism as a Religion via Teaching Evolution or Humanism in Schools ?

Do you agree with Devaluating Human Life in General via Promotion of Abortion ?

Do you agree with Increasing Imbalance via the Promotion of Radical Feminism ?

Do you agree with Decreasing the strength of the nation via Pacifism and an Anti-War stance ?

Do you agree with promoting Racism by encouraging minorities to regards other groups as intolerant ?

Do you agree with disempowering law-abiding citizens by revising gun laws ?

Do you agree with encouraging lawlessness by courting with leniency the Illegal Immigrants as future voters ?

Do you agree with being soft on crime by discouraging the Death Penalty ?

Do you agree with the junk science that supports the statist policies of the Green movement ?

1 comment:

The Redhead said...

So what you're saying is that being a religiously-motivated sexist, racist bigot who believs violence solves all problems and that those less fortunate than yourself should be trampled underfoot is the most desirable thing to be?