19 January 2006

Piles of Debris dont Block if Youre Looking with the Inward Eye

Parking Lot of Northshore Church.
Inside the building, water had dug out the foundations,
buckling even the concrete floors.

Clearing land in North Shore of Ponchartrain


Beren said...

I have come to pass by your blog (I am not sure that I was supposed to, but I have to admit I am becoming impressed by what I am seeing. If I haven’t misled myself you where part of a service group post flooding? Well you should be proud of yourself, not that many people willing to spend their time to help others! Keep on the good work!

Beren said...

Looks like we are brothers in Christ? Nice! By the way, if you want to answer any question of mine or even make one, please do it through e-mail, mine is ivobizzonhado@yahoo.com.br.