18 May 2006

Movie Review, Silent Hill

Horror, 2 out of five Bricks.

Movie reminds me of what the Sixth Sense would have been like , if Shymalan had just gotten over a destructive and torrid 7 week love affair with Krista Grotte.

I constantly felt like I had seen the movie before. The deja vu resulted because I had lived with a room-mate for 2 years who played
the video game to death, pardon the pun. The slashing doesnt start till the last 15 minutes, really. Up until then its a moody suspense piece, well done. The murders arent that gory, because the deaths are done CGI. I never got the feeling that the actresses were actually doused with buckets of chicken blood, like in days of old.

I became irked again and again at the complete lack of common sense of the mother figure,
but then I remembered that's how horror films have to work. People walk right into danger,
their cell phones dangling unused at their waist. Its part and parcel of the genre, I forgot.

Standard Issue Apology: It was Brick Muppets turn to pick the movie.

spoilers follow.


you were warned.

I think that anyone who is inside the town of Silent Hill after sundown dies and wakes up as a ghost. IMHO The poisonous gases of the mine fires kill you with vividly evil hallucinations.

Everyone who lives inside the town 24/7 is actually a ghost,
even when they appear to shoot or kill each other, they are just ghosts banishing each other back to hell. You can't die in Silent Hill, you're dead already.

Only if you go into Silent Hill on a rainy day, or a windy day, and do not stay after sundown do you remain truly alive. The sherriff and the husband do this.

The mom is dead (and therefore a ghost) after the mutants claw her and she wakes up to the Johnny Cash song. The little girl is dead, and therefore a ghost, way earlier, right after the car wreck.

The female cops been dead for years, and is a ghost. Same with the crazy mom with grey hair.

But the director is good, and using the same tricks as in Sixth Sense, you are not sure who's a ghost till the last 3 minutes,
maybe not even then.

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