26 May 2006

X3 Review

Five out of Five Bricks; no surprise there, since it was my turn to pick the movie.

Hugh Jackman characterizes Wolverine almost perfectly.
Professor Xavier comes off much more stiff in this installment.
For him and Rogue, you could see the Plot Twists coming from a mile away.

Completely unexpected plot twists for Cyclops and Mystique.

Phoenix carried off fine, good CGI to make her face creepy.
But they skipped the bright period. Phoenix was a happy fun heroine for a time.

Shadowcat versus the Juggernaut. Marvelous style of fight.

Highly recommended, EXCELSIOR !

1 comment:

Roy said...

It was that good? Maybe I'll rethink the decision to not see it.

And I finally sat down and watch The Incredibles. Wow. What an incredi- er, what a stunningly good film.