10 October 2005

Martha's Tips for Hurricane Etiquette

Here's Egyptoid enjoying the latet issue of

Martha's Tips for Hurricane Etiquette :

1. First, get important papers and special photos in order.
and bring extra napkins or moist towelettes for those
who may have misplaced theirs in the Cat 5 winds.

2. Think ahead and take video or photos of your property before you leave.
Also, the finer stores will provide a registry service where many can view your list
of china and other necessities needing replacement.

3. If staying with relatives is not an option, consider booking a room in a hotel or motel in another nearby town or state. Take your own freshener spray, such as Febreze.
One little spritz can overcome an entire week of thoughtless housekeeping.

4. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your pet will have a place in a motel or hotel.
First check out pet-friendly hotels in your area. Smaller pets can be carried in some of the larger Corning-Ware cozies.

5. Designate a spot, in the hall closet, to keep a bag of clothes for each person in the household.
If somehow the closet isnt large enough for that and the Dept 56 items, you must budget for remodeling now!

6. Along with overnight clothes, consider stocking your Hurricane Kit with the following: extra cash, doilies, generator, pet-safe batteries, matching flash lights, battery operated television, italian bottled water, scented and unscented toilet paper, non-perishable foods such as Toblerone and Fancy Blueback Salmon from Oregon, can opener, a small cooler, frosted cranberry candles, prescription medicines and any other remedies you use regularly such as Botox; and if you have small children - diapers, baby wipes, and American Girl books.

7. Count on the power being out for at least a day or two. Remember that ATM's will be non-operating,. bring some cash. Often times cigarettes can be used as a strong barter item, similar to a prison type economy, but remember to haggle dynamically. Since PS2 games and free-cell no longer operate, dominoes or a deck of cards come in handy! Arts and crafts, crayons and previously downloaded china-patterns for coloring pages are always great distractions for the kids .

8. If you decide to tough out the storm, stay downwind in your home. This means if the wind is hitting the living room windows, go to the room opposite the living room. Curtains may need to be pressed again or possibly dry-cleaned. Lemon-juice can remove many stains.

9. Plywood is a 'hot' commodity for those of who decide to stay. Boarding up windows that will take the brunt of the wind and rain is the wisest decision. Again, cigarettes may be able to trade easily for plywood. If you can afford it, have them installed by a professional. As time allows you can decorate the plywood with patterns appropriate for the season. Hurricanes come from June to November, so any number of exciting ideas can be had to theme up your plywood windows.

10. Finally, STAY INSIDE.
But if you must go out to personally video-tape the destruction ,
wear one the nicer rain-coats, such as the Cerulean Traveller, by LL Bean.
That's all from Martha, thanks for reading!


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Debra072201 said...

I knew that photo was going to come in handy...very funny. Hope you are doing well.

Kessley Carson said...

Lost house $150,000.00
Lost vehicle $25,000.00
Lost food $500.00

Martha Stewart Living Hurricane Tips...Priceless!

Sister Stephanie said...

Hi Bro, I love your imagination... it is never-ending. Praise the Lord for "Worker-Bees" like you!

angie said...

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