12 October 2005

Not Strictly Rebuilding at this Time

Regular day at work, then travel to Montpelier.

Doing tourist itinerary with Mom, plus some days where I work:

The Book Store

We sell so much more than comics, its easier to abbreviate it as a book-store.

here's what it looks like on the outside:

here's what it looks like on the inside:


Ken said...

You tricked me.....I assumed "regular day at work" meant you were at the shop and available for harassment.

Alas no.....

Roy said...

Wait a sec, I detect a change. There is a striking lack of commentspam. I also do believe I see Word verification.

Good work, Agent 'Rebuilder'!

Egyptoid said...

I could have swore it was on.
said blog will be quite boring
until I go out on my
next foray, I fear.

Roy said...

So you say it'll be boring, and then you add all these snazzy pics.

Nice =)