01 October 2005

masking tape rank marker

Another promotion! The bosses left for the day and put me in charge for now. This reminds me of a book: IF I RAN THE ZOO!

So I took a piece of blue masking tape, wrote the word "blue" on it,
and stuck it to my yellow hat. Someone has to be responsible at all times,
so for a while it was me.

7OOO meals a day produce a lot of dirty dishes.
So many so they must be cleaned via pressure hose!


Roy said...

Jewelry donations have got to be a hassle.

Egyptoid said...

Its a long story, here is
bullet version:

Wealthy lady from Florida
came to area, and started letting
people use her cell phone to
contact relatives. She even
ferried some people to
their relatives in her car.
Others she bought plane tickets
for them. Over all she's helped
about 20 people either directly
or indirectly.

She got an elderly couple that
had been rescued from their
rooftop, got them to their
childrens house in Texas.

They told her they werent going back to their house, they were just
glad to be alive. They told her to
go to their house and take anything
that was left after the flooding,
as repayment for her kindness.
The only thing left on the ruins
of their home was a large box of jewelry. She took that, but didnt need it. She brought it to us at
the relief kitchen, as presents to
us in gratitude for our work here.
I took a few charms as present for freinds of mine. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer. It wasnt cheap stuff either, real gold and diamond studs, and many crucifixes.
It was quite a gesture.