18 October 2005

Widespread Effects from Katrina May Still Be Felt

When I went grocery shopping, there were
Just a few older Dole products on shelves in local stores.
probably those came from warehouses.

I'm no expert on food-service and shipping, though.

Dole has its main operations coming through the Gulf Coast.

The attentive among us may remember a hurricane went through there six weeks ago.

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Egyptoid said...

Hurricane Katrina and Rita Responses-Day 55

Activity Report (as of 10/19, 10:10 a.m., EST)
State Conventions Activated 41
Volunteer Days Contributed 105,836
Meals Prepared 8,642,023
Jobs Completed (cleanup and recovery operations) 12,356
Showers Provided 59,507
Laundry Loads Completed 13,803
Children Cared For 7,292
Messages Sent 2,852
Gallons of Water Purified