04 November 2005

Greetings from Kamp Katrina _ _ _ _ _ _

Nope, the Rebuilder hasnt rebuilt a single thing yet. At least not physically. Obviously I found a net connection this afternoon. "Skytell Relief" apparently has an awesome signal down here, and for free, so I'm thankful.

This kitchen works for the Salvation Army making 1500-3000 meals per day, and has a lot less floor space. More pictures soon, especially since I can blog live FROM MY TENT. I suppose its a fair trade, Slidell has better accomodations, but no net. (PIC) Kamp Katrina runs out of "Yankie Stadium" in Biloxi. But it reminds me of Mogadishu. Almost I got lost on the way here because a net query for Yankee Stadium only points to New York City. Its named Yankie after a Biloxi citizen, not related to Wierd Al.

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