18 November 2005

You Never Know When Your Last Day Will Be

The picture at right I snapped in the parking lot of the shopping center where I work. Its difficult to think of a more depressing thing to find on your way to work. Unless of course a hurricane has deprived you of a place to work. I don't know the person that was murdered, or why, but I have my suspicions. In any case, it serves as a reminder to keep yourself ready, to keep your accounts settled with your self, your family, with the Lord, and with your fellow man. I'm not referring to financial matters. Because you never know which night you'll be required to go on to the next level of existence.

Makes you want to live each day to the fullest. There's someone out there and you havent told them you love them in a while.
Go call them.


Egyptoid said...

no this is not a joke post.
there really is a chalk outline in our parking lot. some of the people that work at the place have uh, quite alternative lifestyles, and the motive may have been jealous rage. that's just my theory.

Roy said...

Uh, lovely. Maybe it's just some wierd art thing gone awry?