19 November 2005

Time To Go

Well the new room-mate showed up today. The land-lord finally rented out the other half of the house. Even so its still not a home, its only a house. Of course I had to rein in all my mess. We'll call the new guy Doc Marten. See the handsome stud pictured at the right. He's young, professional, rich, drives a new car. He's Bona Fide, and he's Got Prospects. He's currently a computer guy, just like I used to be. I've known him for umpteen years, so thankfully he's not some pot-head stranger wandering in off the street, late on the rent, yet rummaging through my half of the fridge at 3:3O am. Doc is trustworthy, funny, well-educated, mild-mannered, and has a killer stereo and entertainment center.
How I hate him.
Just Kidding. Doc Marten used to be in the gaming group, and he still does all the cool stuff I used to, back when I was sleek, fast and durable. He runs a convention, has his own website, and has a current job in the techie world with high pay. I could tell you he's my protege. But the truth is far far funnier than that. He's heteronormative, just like me, and if any lady readers want his particulars I can give you some straight poop on him.

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