11 November 2005

Helpers of All Faiths

Catholic Charities ?

The purpose of this post was to remind me
to look up CC on the net when I got back home.
Since I was with a baptist group, and we were
feeding in Biloxi and Slidell. Those are largely
Catholic areas. Three different times people
complained to us, that since they were Catholic,
why were they being fed by baptists. Not complaining about us or the food, just expressing confusion about where were Catholic Charities.

If everything I've read on the net is true, then CC are out there, but somehow the yellow hats are either more visible or more memorable. Here I was, the intrepid
reporter, somewhat hoping to find some laxity or shortfall in
CC to pass on to my readers, and pat myself on the back.
But apparently what we're talking about is perspective.

Probably the 3 families remarks came simply because the
yellow hats got there first. Or probably they're more numerous.
I think there's just one CC per dicoese, but the SBC
activates dozens of units, some from the same region.

In summation, its really none of my business, he who
is not against me is for me, and I have to continue to
do my duties in my own way.

PICTURE at Right:
doesnt do justice to the beautiful fall colors

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