04 August 2006

Hezbollah is the Arabic word for what . . . ?

Did we forget that Katyusha Rockets have little to no guidance systems and are as likely to hit streets, cars, kids, or fences as they are soldiers? Each launch is a terrorist attack, each launch says "kill jews however". Hezbollah and those who agree with them need maximum spank.

"U.N.'s Malloch Brown Questions Hezbollah's 'Terror' Designation
Thursday, August 03, 2006
By Sharon Kehnemui Liss

WASHINGTON — U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown may want to stick to reforming his own office and stop criticizing member states, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

Malloch Brown was quoted in a British newspaper Wednesday suggesting that he does not think that Hezbollah, the Syrian- and Iranian-backed group currently fighting Israeli Defense Forces, is a terrorist organization.

"It's not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hezbollah employs terrorist tactics; it is an organization, however, whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda," he said, according to a transcript of an interview."

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