03 August 2006

Job Searcher Down !

ELD: wuhh, uhh Doc, where am I ?

DOC: Jennie Immaculate Hospital

ELD: how did I get here ?

DOC: Ambulance, after the EMTs worked on you for half an hour.

ELD: what happened ?

DOC: We're looking at the MRIs now.

ELD: I was just going to get lunch.

DOC: You didnt make it.

ELD: where's my car ?

DOC: We assume its okay, you were at the Computer Job Lab ? so its no doubt in that parking lot. Okay here's the CAT scans now.

ELD:well ?

DOC: They found you face down in the lab lobby, breathing heavy on your laptop.

ELD: why ?

DOC: Apparently you were overcome with Jargon Poisoning.

ELD: how long do I got, Doc?

DOC: You'll be fine eventually; You just need to clear your system. Avoid all acronyms, jargon, and doublespeak, especially the kind that circulates in cubicle environments.

ELD: but I have to find a job Doc, and I'm a programmer.

DOC: That may very well be true, but if you don't clear out your system you won't live long enough to roll over your 401K, capiche ?

ELD: Thanks Doc.


Ken said...

When I scoped your heading I thought you'd had a TOV @ the VEC.

But you were just KO'd at the CJL.

chuck said...

My current project is doing RDF in preperation for OWL and OWL-S for the RFF/RFC portion of the JCRT (which is included in the JFP/ACT). If the project is accepted we will rescope this and apply more RDF (again in preperation for OWL and OWL-S) on JOPES and JOPES-RECDEF.

With a few more letters I'll be able to spell my own name.