15 August 2006

Mark my Ballot for this Measure

The bookstore is not the only place that likes quiet, controlled children — and isn't afraid to say so. Across the nation, there are signs of a low-burning uprising against children supposedly behaving badly in public.

Eateries from California to Massachusetts have posted signs on doors and menus saying “We love children, especially when they are tucked in chairs and well behaved” or “Kids must use indoor voices.” In North Carolina an online petition was started last year to establish child-free restaurants — the petition loosely compared dining with children to dining with cigarette smoke.


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate that you should feel this way about children. Should you ever have the blessing of becoming one yourself, you will realize that sometimes the most glorious thing to witness is a child's abandon. I agree that sometimes children can be annoying, even my own are that way sometimes. But guess what...that's what kids do and you were once a kid. So what would be the opinion of someone who knew you at that stage?

Egyptoid said...

I didnt say "children" the sign says Brats.

I'm not anti-Muslim, or Anti-Arab,
but you may call me anti-terrorist.

Please read carefully before you comment.

At that stage?
I was not permitted to misbehave in public.