10 December 2005

Aslan Isn't a Tame Lion, You Know.

Review of the LION the WITCH and the WARDROBE:
again, 5 out of 5 possible bricks.

I suppose I ought to change my scale. But here's the deal, I'm not going to see a movie blind. If I go to see a movie, its already got 3 bricks going for it, because I'm prejudiced about the content already. In other words, since I'm no WWF fan, no wrestling movies will be viewed. Therefore no 1 brick movies will probably ever get reviewed.

In the vast archives of ancient history, meaning the 10th grade, I devoured the series known as the CHRONICLES of NARNIA. It was a natural progression to come to (or go from) them to LORD of the RINGS. Here's the trip down memory lane:

I went with Zachary Starbucks to see the movie, since Miz Vikkie wasnt available. Of course the lazy bum hasnt posted his review yet. Okay now he has. During our discussion of the big flick, we had fun. I could recall 6 of the 7 book titles, and he only 3 of them. We both noticed the various dresses of the WHITE QUEEN JADIS. She had some nice costumes to be sure. I mean she was queen for a while. But she didnt show nearly enough cleavage. I only say that because in the MAGICIANS NEPHEW it makes such a big deal of what a hussy she was. And part of the discomfort for Edmund and Eustace is her charms. And these charms are in direct contract to her demeanor. Reminds me of someone. But I digress. The other thang Zach and I both saw was the head-dress she sported for the big battle.

Now this is patently a lions mane remade into dreadlocks. This is sinfully gorgeous of her to make such a garment. What a potent symbol to her minions. Probably gave her a warm rushy feeling to wear it around. so the argument with Zach and I was of course, did she do this in the book? or was it a hollywood invention? Either way its cool. If it was in the text, then the costume people did excellent research and interpretation. If it wasnt in the book, then the costume people performed an elegant leap of logic and made a fantastical connection from her "triumph" at the Stone Table to her perception of her self "post" Aslan. FANBOYS PROOF
So it took me about 5 seconds to find the reference. No it doesnt specifically describe her garb in the battle scenes.

Shouldnt I write a religious review of the film? Isnt that the big deal of it? You know the allegory? Yep and Nope. You have to read it or view it yourself. You have to decide for yourself with which character you most identify. And if you don't identify with any of the characters, why not?

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Roy said...

I want to see this movie so stinking badly.

Interesting, I read this series starting in the 4th grade, and I want to say that either Voyage of the Dawn Treader or the Silver Chair was my first foray. It was around the same time that I first read The Hobbit, and got into Greek and Norse mythology. In other words, right around the time I was becoming a gamer.

It wasn't until years and years later that I read about the Christian theme/undercurrent in the books. I never would've guessed, to be honest. Christ is one of many of the Suffering god archetype that Aslan fits into. While I can see more Christian references in hindsight, at the time, he was Issuk of the Jug, Osiris, and Christ.

The Christian theme is important to the story, sure, but I cannot call it truly central. I say that anecdotally, as I enjoyed the story with no realisation whatsoever of any sort of intended meme-transference, nor did it successfully transfer some Christian meme at all in fact. To me, it was simply good fantasy, with the proper themes of good vs evil, done in a fashion that was accessible to youngsters like myself.

I adore the serie still, and bought a collected edition so that my kids can enjoy someday too.

And I will see this movie. Just gotta convince the grandparents to watch the older kids.