01 December 2005

Was the Movie a Comedy at its Beginning ?

In a rare night of gallavanting (normally the Rebuilder reposes at the coffee shop) I went out to see Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, with my buddy Zachary Starbuck. I havent read any of the books, but I am a fan of big "guy" movies with explosions, adventure, and princesses.

Quick Recap:
HP + Sorcerors Stone was allright,
I had no idea it was based on such Teen lit.

HP + Chamber of Secrets put me to sleep, literally.

HP + Prisoner of Azkaban made feel stupid.
(I love Gary Oldman, and didnt even recognize him)

HP + Goblet of Fire made up for all that in spades.

It had humor, a big dragon, french girls, deaths-heads, and ballroom dance.

Here's Zach's review:

there were comedy relief bits including a bit with a beard and a crumb that resulted in Rambling Rebuilder staggering from the theater to get his inhaler.

His comment: "The movie made me get the puffer! That's worth points!"

Its true: the scene in the woods where the chaperone and Haggrid are getting romantic made me howl. They pull close, and you assume they may kiss, but instead she spots a crumb of food in his beard, pulls it out and gently sucks it off her finger. I totally lost it. I laughed so hard I cried. I got so cracked up I had to take my glasses off and undo the top button on my sweater. I had to get up and leave the theater for a few minutes to calm down. My convulsions set off my asthma symptoms, and I had to take a hit off the primatene. It took me about 5 minutes to re-enter the movie.

Here's why: I am a beard wearer, and I try to be hygienic, but you can never be completely clean, and I know how gross the beard can get. So the scene poses a huge philosophical question for men with beards:

Do you want to meet a woman that loves you so much
she's willing to eat food crumbs right out of your beard?

I also give the movie 4 out of 5 bricks.

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