15 December 2005


Lets face it: December is the worst part of the year in which to look for a new job. No one cares. They are all wrapped up (pardon ye punne) in buying presents, planning their plane tickets, buying their cranberry sauce and dodging fruitcakes. So how can my wonderful resume hope to float to the top of their stack? And their stack got so high because they were busy downloading carols from napster instead of doing their job. Thats just my opinon. I've got a hot resume, chock full of skills and brimming with experience.

The Rebuilder may actually do some Rebuilding. My group plans another trip to Slidell LA on January 13th. I should go even though I'm still keeping my eye on the Biloxi area. This would be anctual building trip, as opposed to the kitchen work.

But in Biloxi, there is no housing available there. Period. The place I talked to there about work said they might hire me, but it just didnt matter because they couldnt get me a place to live even if they wanted me. It doesnt matter how ready I am or they are, there's no place to live. I'm probably to blame since I havent done all the Rebuilding I should have.

The Lord should be my steering wheel, not just my spare tire.

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