12 December 2005


Here's more of the garbage on Wikipedia.
WIKI PEDIA FOLLOW UP Wikipedia is a PUBLIC encyclopedia. That means: If I'm an expert on ancient fossilized scorpions, I can log in and write an article on them. But then later on some college boy with an attitude can come back on-line later, and re-write my article with his comic-book biology and his leftist agenda.

So quickly its chaos. for example, who writes the Wikipedia article on Islam? I'll bet its someone passionate on the subject, whether their passion involves agreement, disagreement, or clearing the air, they will write with fervor and intent. But since its a public forum, someone else is free to divert and rework their text. who has the last say? Whoever logs in lately?

Imagine all the topics people can be passionate about. Transubstantiation, Criminal Psychology, Universal Origins, Women, the Crusades, the Civil War (English or American?)
Now imagine 30 people arguing at equal volume on each topic.

Picture above shows an ancient scorpion. the sucker was 5 feet long. scientific name Hibbertopterus

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RevDave said...

Welcome to the New World. Wikipedia is the epitaph for all of us "resident experts." The resident expert is dead, unnecessary, I hear. No longer are we needed. No longer is having expert knowledge a valuable thing. People have community knowledge at the tips of their fingers.

At a conference recently, Rex Miller said that it will no longer be the GE's and 3M's of the world who will rule business. No longer will the creators of great products be the hot investments. Instead, it will be UPS, FedEx, eBay, Google, Amazon... the companies that link people to products and information.

So, if I want a future, I should focus less on being a resident expert in spirituality and instead be one who links people with the right spiritual resources. Call me the UPS pastor.