16 September 2005

Chance Encounter on the Road of Life

Invited thirty christian school students that were doing charity work to come and eat in our kitchen. They saw the big operation.

the last afternoon of the first week I had to take a break. so I checked out during the between-meals lull and took a long sweaty hike up the road to a quickie-mart for a rare treat: Caffeinated Soda Pop. While I'm having a sip, 4 vans and trucks full of kids pull up to the place. they're all wearing ZION t-shirts, so I chatted up the chaperones of the group. They were seniors doing a week of helping, and were headed up the road. I offered their leader a deal:
Give me a ride back to the church, and I'll get you all free dinner.
After some negotiation with the other chaperones (like who is this crazy from the heat) they accepted me in. I shared with them how the operation worked, and when we got back they ate for free, got a case of snacks for later, and the chaplains gave them the 50-cent tour of how the relief operation rolled along. Hopefully some of them got a good impression.

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