02 September 2005


Phone calls have started, some from me, some to me.
The needs right now are basic: food, water, shelter, clothes.
I'm wanted to assist with feeding and water purification.

Even though I want to help rebuild churches, that will have to
wait till the mud dries. Or does it have to wait?
Certainly the people could be built up first,
and the physical building come on later.

Offers of substantive help have come back, quite touching,
from: Penny C, Stephanie R, Roy W, Robert M, Evelyn D.
I'm going to try and list all those who pledge help
so I can remember later. Must be grateful.
I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna be fully equipped,
what a blessing to behold.

Tom C. will be my boss there, he's done disaster relief before,
(he hangs out with people like Charley, Isabel, Ivan, Floyd)
I said I was gonna need to go with somebody wiser than me.

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