06 September 2005

Getting My Affairs in Order Prior to Departure

Mobility Test - while I was waiting for my
Vacc.Shots I sent a test message from my cell phone.

So even if my laptop somehow fails,
I can post by text message.

New supporters for my list: Janice C. & Bill R.
I have no way really, to repay all the help and kindness,
except to do my best when I'm down there.
Test Picture from lap-top above...

1 comment:

Papa Ray said...


Well, here is where I am supposted to say "Good Luck", "Be Careful", "Work Smart as well as Hard".

So I do.
And I really mean it.

But then I have to ask...


No of course your not. Your just an American who wants to help.
I wish I Was young enough and spry enough to go with you.

Continue your Mission

Papa Ray
West Texas