22 September 2005

Working in a Coal Mine, but I Forgot my Pick-Axe.

Still in Virginia today, giving the boss a day off, since I'll be gone 2 weeks soon.

If you can, listen to Ravi Zacharias on the radio. He almost always inspires me.

I'm not sure I understand what all he's doing, but here's where Jim Bakker works now.

Even though I've never personally heard this man speak, and probably can't now,
I've heard from enough that have, to know Billy Graham has true inpiration.

The one time I heard Joyce Meyers on the radio, she had me weeping with joy, talking about the rewards from the Lord.

But of these, RZ I've listened to almost weekly for the last 3 years.

If an astronaut forgets anything, he's probably DEAD:

) unrecharged Oxygen Tank: he suffocates.
) wrong gasket on helmet: dead.
) no Sun visor: blind.
) unlatched safety tether: gone and adrift.
) drained battery in backpack: Freeze to death

...and the list could go on and on....
today I forgot my flash-drive, so I can't post more pix on the blog this session;
We'll assume for now its not the end of the world.

A relative of mine told me they were "quite proud of their little pharisee"
They meant well, but I had to wonder. Reading this, from the Lord,
and reading about Billy Graham, and others with Named ministries,
I see a fine line to be trod.

Daily I tell people, "I'm going to help Katrina survivors long term."
I enjoy telling the story of my boss giving me so much leeway to do so.
I am boldly asking many to donate so I can keep doing so.
Some could say I'm telling the left hand exactly what the right is doing.

When a man has a ministry, in my opinion, he should have a title for it.
I go to church at Temple, and I probably wouldnt if it were like
Simmons Theological Industries
Someone else will have to judge on all those organizations with names like
To me, the product should lead the name.
I'm not saying anything about the links I listed above.
We can get loaves and fishes at either Kroger or Farm Fresh,
even though we may have no idea who founded Farm Fresh, does that make it better?
I don't know.

Oh wait I said I had to work today, and here I am blogging...oops.
- - I swear I need a professional caretaker. - -

Thanks and Good day, until we net again!

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