21 September 2005

Tuesday - Sept - 2Oth

Talked with Deacons and Pastor today:
They want me to do something with SBC Adopt-a-Church.
Bought Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham to read.
Copying off the next guy got me through college, why stop now?
More funding from Janelle R, and some co-workers, via my Sister.

Also got more support promised from Don & Betty E.

Worked half a day for my Boss while I was in town. You know how when
you get back from vacation, work almost is good that first day,
like you need a vacation from your vacation. The jury is still out on that topic.

Here's my Pastors Journal , the blog called Rev-Dave
Why didnt I link this before? I have no idea.
What I like about his preaching is his "Are You Paying Attention Moments" (tm).
- sunscreen, umbrella, mirror, sweater: " I'm no Fred Rogers"

Boldly I ask for what I need: There's a popular spot here that donates money to charities from their
Sunday profits, since they'd prefer not to run the business that day of the week.
They said my Rebuilding could be the charity, probably some Sunday in October! Praise the Lord, and
bless them, and all my supporters.

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Roy said...

Fred Rogers is quite possibly one of the finest people to have walked this earth. My mother's family lives near Pittsburgh, and everyone knows somebody that met Mr Rogers, as that was his home area. Everyone says that same thing, that he was as genuine, friendly, and loving as he came across on his TV show.

I was a bit broken up the day he died.