21 September 2005

Treat the Women Like Princesses,
Because you Never Know
when their Father might be the King-of-Kings

As Rebuilder went to the gas station today, the guy in front of me was
hitting on the cashier something fierce. Other folks in line were getting
tiffed with the man, mostly because of the delay.
Her manager, also a woman, looked at me and said "See what we have to put up with?"
Yes I do see. I advised the man to treat the cashier like a lady.
He had nothing to say, even though he was 2 inches taller than me,
and I'm not a small man.

The manager strongly encouraged me to shop and gas-up there often.
But my mind was on Louisiana and Mississippi.

Yet I had to work another half-day today.
When I'm in Virginia, I work for my boss, with no hat,
Then down south I work for my other boss, with the blue hat,
and she works for her Boss, with the white hat,
and He works for our Boss, the evangelistic carpenter, hat style not stated.

Lord willing I'm returning with the SBC team to Slidell LA
for two weeks. Last week went awesomely well, but I held it
as a recon mission for further work. As many predicted, basics
such as food, water, power, clothing and shelter come first.

Over 2OO churches were heavily damaged or destroyed down there,
and thats just from the reporting denominations.

When the N.O. mayor says "return soon" or "get ready for Mardi Gras"
he seems foolish to me. What we saw inside the city limits can't
be describe simply or nicely.
And in what state is this large city's sewer system?

anyways, let others worry about the lake of stew:

Couldnt talk with my favorite Deacon and his Wife this week.
(no I'm not publishing their names or initials or anything, do I look foolish?)
And I am truly bummed, but I left a phone message. They encourage me a lot.
When Proverbs says to "make wisdom your sister" its probably talking about an
elder deacon's wife. That's my interpretation.


Barbara Jo said...

Your willingness to go and help those living with the devastation has again touched my heart. The way you demonstrated Christ on the way down at the gas station says volumes about how you live your daily life. Women are not usually as comfortable as they may appear being hit on or flirted with. To have a brother step up and say what is right in a respectable way is a blessing. You may not know how much God used you to bless her that day.
She could be enduring some personal struggles and you stepped up for her. She may have self-worth issues and you showed her value. She may have just been annoyed by the perstersome fellow, but you rescued her. As a sister, I thank you.
Thank you for helping many of those you don't even know personally. Thank you for being His hands and feet and mouth in this world. I pray God continues to pour out a spirit of encourgement on you and that He protects you on your journey. Go in peace and serve the Lord! Thanks be to God

Egyptoid said...

Thank you. It did feel positive.

Well it says volumes about how
I try to live my daily life.

I hate thinking of all the times
I have said nothing though.

Thanks for writing.

Roy said...

I was thinking of our conversation yesterday. You have changed so much, bro, and it was change for the better. I deeply enjoyed the conversation, and you have impressed me with your maturity and conviction.

I would've said this yesterday, but I was more interested in the topic we were discussing. My hat is off to you, sir. No pun intended =)

Egyptoid said...

I have been given much,
that's all I can say in reply for now.