05 September 2005

More Help

More definite help: Edie R, and Lois H. and even more from Roy W

Plus! They talked the associate pastor at my church into coming along.

the more little items like these that come along, the more I'm convinced this
is the right thing to do. It'll be interesting to see the ratio of sights:

by that I mean I'll probably see about 7 miraculous or wonderful things
for every disgusting or horrible scene.


chuck said...

You'll have loads of prayer support from me, and some more tangible stuff if I can manage it.

Good luck, and more importantly, Godspeed.

Egyptoid said...

Thanks again.
If I've somehow forgotten anyone on my list of helpers, just email me with the subject line of SMACK UPSIDE HEAD, remind me what you gave.

The list is not for your pride,
the main purpose of the list is:

A: It reminds me who to be thankful for
as well as reciprocate prayer back for.

okay the 2 main purpose of the list are:

B: It reminds everyone how such a thing
as 5 loaves and 2 fish can feed 5OOO people. Big miracles can be built from little parts.

okay the 3 main purpose of the list are:

C. it reminds me of all the people to thank when I revisit, and share with them the "interest returned on their investment", which is the positive stories I assume I will bring back.

The 3 purposes of the list...I'll start again.