20 September 2005

Hiatus Back Home

Made photo updates today, due to lack of good net while on site.
Talked to deacons and paster locally about adopt-a-church.
More support from co-workers, anon. donations, and Jan.R.

asked local coffee shop (that supports charities) if I could be
their charity next month. they'll say yes I'm confident.

more photos coming I promise.

someone started a rumor that I met a lovely lady while on-site,
and that's why I'm going back. Now certain points of that story have
a factual basis, but their conclusions arent all sound.

Reading Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham.
Ravi Zacharias refers to BG a lot, and I like hearing RZ.

Jim Bakker was indicted for fraud in 1988 and sentenced to 45 years in prison and fined $500,000. When the scandal broke, Bakker's Christian friends quickly deserted him. He became an outcast in the Christian world. And when he was sentenced, his wife Tammy Faye left him and then divorced him. Six months into his sentence, Bakker was surprised one afternoon when the prison warden called him into his office. Bakker had a visitor: Billy Graham. When Graham came in, Bakker asked him why he had come to visit � because he knew that any association with Bakker would tarnish Graham's reputation. Graham replied that Bakker was his friend in good and in bad times � and now when things were bad, he would stand by his side. And Billy Graham was true to his word. Bakker's sentence was eventually reduced, on appeal, to ten years and when he came out of prison on parole, he had nowhere to stay. So the Grahams invited him to stay with them. On the Sunday following Bakker's release, Ruth Graham took him to church with her. Disregarding what people would think about her, she stood up in church and introduced Jim Bakker to the congregation as her friend Jim Bakker.

This version of the story leaves out an element related by RZ: the day of the visit Jim Bakker was cleaning latrines and was wearing his orange work fatigues, which were soiled. The guard who told Jim he had a visitor advised him he might want to clean up, the visitor was dressed nicely. Jim being depressed said something like why bother, this is what my life is now.
But Billy Graham hugged him and made the connection despite that.

That's how I feel some days when people are helping me, and I can't explain why...
But most days are full of joy!

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