10 September 2005

Elliott Going to Mississippi Sunday _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This is Ell-Man's last big "spam" email before leaving.
You get the who, what when, where, hi and wow format.
Temple Baptist is sending Me and 7 more volunteers.
We work with a larger group of Disaster Recovery helpers.
We will go assist with meals and water for refugees,
and with chain saws we will clear driveways for those
unable to help themselves.
I'll be gone one week with this first group.
Most of the people can only volunteer a week or so.
I'll be able to return, and will hopefully find work
to help someone rebuilding their church, for example.
The first place is Picayune, MS. Volunteers from my group
have been there since day 2. I plan on giving several weeks
to this area, since there's people I know there already.
We'll live in their 1st Baptist Church building which
I'm told has power back on.
But I also would like to help in Biloxi, since I used to
live there at Keesler AFB.
Hi ! I'd like to make a difference. If I can find some positive
stories down there, or take some with me, I'll be satisfied.
I'd like to see some impact for the Lord down there. Seems like
people would rather see something good than another story about
blaming or looting or some such grief. People came and helped
us here in VA after Floyd, Gaston, Fredrick, and Isabel; so
a little pay-it-forward seems in order.
Wow ! Its been a blessing already and I havent even done anything yet!
People have been praying for me and I've felt a definite difference.
Many have helped me already, with generous gifts of tools, money, and
good advice. I've started a web-log of my little stories.
If they make me work hard. (You think?) I may not be able to respond
to individual emails when I'm gone. I will attempt to update said
Blog as often as circumstances and connection permit.
I'll need all the wisdom and strength I can get so please
pray for me. I want to find something good to write you back about.
That's the least I can do for all the help that's been given me.
And everyone thank my boss for giving me time and money to do this...
Ell-Man ====

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chuck said...

Yo - so where do I send a contribution? Are you covered for your first week? If so, then let me konw when you get back, and I'll kick I a little dinero for the future trips.

In the meantime - Godspeed.

Philippians 4:13